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You can tell a good repair, when you can't tell it's been repaired

Body Shop

  • Factory approved straightening and measuring equipment
  • Repairing cars to factory specifications. CAR BENCH equipment
  • We have the latest welding equipment – "FAN welding equipment"
  • Factory approved
  • The latest dent pulling equipment and repairing system, yet another FAN welding product.

Fully trained staff dedicated to improving the industry by always employing apprentices.

Staff are continually trained through ICAR.


Paint Shop

  • 2 factory approved fully downdraught paint booths "CMC"
  • 2 paint preparation bays
  • Infra-red drying equipment.

We only use 'GLASURIT" paint materials. This is a German manufacturer and all our paint procedures, from the base coat to the top coats are Glasurit products, with the Life Time guarantee.

The Staff are continually trained on all the latest paint products and applications at the Glasurit training centre.

We can service all of your needs, from a small repair to a large accident repair.

For more information on our services or to request a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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